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Brand new, classic, and forgotten items from the Kewaskum Public Library



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    #kewaskum #statesman archive project slowly moving forward

    #legendofkorra is here

    #kewaskum #statesman archives

    The Singing Tree words and pictures by Kate Seredy c1939

    #ShaunTan “Rules of Summer” “Never give your keys to a stranger.”

    Life size #hummingbird guide book

    We just cleared a bunch of room in our back closet… But why? What’s going to go there?

    Grand Budapest Hotel is available at the library!


    If you happen to see Inspector Henckels, please do not embarrass him by attempting to touch his award winning moustache.  

    #thefaultinourstars #soundtrack

    Early design for #maleficent from Charles Solomon’s new book #OnceUponADream

    Our volunteer is indexing 50 years of #kewaskum #yearbooks that will be scanned and made available digitally in the near future

    New books

    Did two antiquarian book dealers stumble upon the greatest find in literary history—an annotated Elizabethan dictionary in the hand of the Bard himself? Read their book-length proof, only available on our Nook ereaders!


    We start our official Nikki Nack tour tonight. To celebrate: OUR CRAZY NEW MUSIC VIDEO! 


    Don’t forget #openMic Saturday at 6pm at the #CoffeeCorner in #kewaskum

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