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Brand new, classic, and forgotten items from the Kewaskum Public Library



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    Rental collection DVDs available right now… No waiting!

    The Complete Runaways is coming in August. Missed Brian K. Vaughan’s critically revered Marvel superhero epic? You’ll have a chance to read the whole thing soon!

    Amulet, book 6 comes out this month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    That one political controversy that everyone’s talking about? We’ve got a book on that.

    Incredible new book by@brianmbendis WordsForPictures

    Mo no no ke the complete series

    #kewaskum #statesman archive project slowly moving forward

    #legendofkorra is here

    #kewaskum #statesman archives

    The Singing Tree words and pictures by Kate Seredy c1939

    #ShaunTan “Rules of Summer” “Never give your keys to a stranger.”

    Life size #hummingbird guide book

    We just cleared a bunch of room in our back closet… But why? What’s going to go there?

    Grand Budapest Hotel is available at the library!


    If you happen to see Inspector Henckels, please do not embarrass him by attempting to touch his award winning moustache.  

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